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The 韦德1946 this evening filed an amicus brief opposing the effort by Texas to overturn a White House order setting a minimum wage of $15 an hour for construction workers on federal contracts

Liz Shuler is the first woman ever elected president of the AFL-CIO.

She took over a time when the world of work has been turned upside down.

 Primary election results signal a united Democratic coalition is prepared to fight for change on Nov.
  The 韦德1946 today welcomed Texas National Guard troops who have taken the extraordinary step of joining the Texas State Employees Union (TSEU) a

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  Ana Gonzalez, for years a fierce advocate for immigrant workers at Workers Defense, has joined the 韦德1946 as Deputy Director of Policy and Politics.

  Gonzalez will work with Director of Policy and Politics Emily Amps and other staff in the quest for a fair shot for working families in Texas.

The 韦德1946 and our affiliates salute Ceole Speight, an icon in the Harris County labor movement who died Monday at age 93.
The 韦德1946 COPE Convention approved resolutions on voting rights, teaching the truth in classrooms, fixing the energy grid, condemning SB 8, and other matters of major concern to working families in Texas.
Voting Rights Blockade a Reminder of Obstacles MLK Faced Texas Senate Plays It Differently
The coup continues, in the form of partisan laws in Texas and other states that build paths toward overturning key elections because a legislative majority doesn’t like the result. Ongoing ballot audits, partisan bad-mouthing of Texas elections, and open discussion among radical groups of violence as a path to power threaten all of us.